Yaqiin.net offline

I am sorry to announce that the project yaqiin.net has been cancelled. I have no resources anymore to give this project the attention it deserves.

all subpages related to this project are also closed immediately, namely:


If there is any brother or sister, who is willing to take over the domain yaqiin.net, please contact me at: amatulhafeez (-at-) live.de


Most of the downloads, like the little islamic handbook (muslimiopas) in finnish language, childrens books, and the graphics can be downloaded from my blog: 


Yaqiin net facebook page

The facebook page will not be closed, but also not updated anymore. If somebody is willing to take the domain over, he/she can also made admin for the facebook page.

Yaqiin net FB page

Yaqiin net Youtube Channel

The youtube channel will also not be closed. Please feel free to download and share the videos on your own channel, so they can be useful to others.

Yaqiin net Youtube Channel

Barakallahu fiikum for your understanding dear brothers and sisters, may Allah ta ala forgive us our sins, ameen!

Mariam Amatulhafeez